First Post! Gallery Wall Progress

I should head this up by saying I don't believe in measuring. I've come to terms with the fact that I can't make a straight line so I decided to go for the intentionally sloppy look.

Starting from the left, these are the pics:

  1. Nova Scotia print to remind us of home. I wish I could remember the artist. Bought at Love Me Boutique in Halifax, a very cool shop of things handmade across Canada.

  2. Guinness t-shirt that  I bought in Dublin 7 years ago and wore to death.

  3. My "Year of the Rat" stamps. The top one is Chinese from 1984, given to me by one of my students in Shanghai. The bottom one is Canadian from 2008 and the same as the one I gave the same student.

  4. My attempt at the crayon art seen all over Pinterest. Still thinking about adding a mouse on the ground under the umbrella.

  5. A print I bought in Edinburgh that I've always loved.

  6. The name my students in Shanghai gave me, "Kai Li."

  7. A Norman Rockwell print titled "Day in the Life of a Boy." Alan claims this depicts his typical day.

  8. "The Battle of Trafalgar" The wall was getting a little Holly heavy so I asked Alan to pick out something of his to add in. He's a military history nerd, what can I say?

  9. A piece of wallpaper that's pre-1900. Alan's family is renovating their old farm house and found this hiding under a previous renovation.

Yay for bouquets of tulips! These were my impulse purchase at the cash at Superstore. I thought the candy tempting me was bad. I'm not sure where to go from here with the wall because the big ugly tv is lurking in the corner. I would like to balance it out with a few more frames that aren't black. I'm really happy with how it has turned out so far. A nice change from how that wall looked when we bought the house:

Yes, those are mirrored tiles.

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