Look Who's Moved In

Speaking of putting a bird on it...

The last few days have been particularly rainy and dreary. My backyard seems to have become a hangout for robins. They are my favourite sign of Spring. I was home sick from work yesterday and  every time I went into the kitchen I saw a robin flying directly towards the window above the sink. It started to feel like deja vu and I was thinking it was some sort of flu induced hallucination. I had totally forgot about it until this morning when I came back from getting my car fixed and saw this:

I'm not sure how to deal with this. I love robins and I'm okay to not disturb their nest if I know they are only going to be temporary guests. How long do robin eggs take to hatch??My fear is that I will have to compete with protective mommy robin every time I go out the door. Also could another bird move in when these guys move on? Maybe I should just move it ASAP before any eggs are laid. But where to? Lots of research to do today!

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