Put a Bird on it!


Portlandia might just be the greatest show of all time.

I wish I had taken a before shot of this lamp. I found it in someone's Spring clean up pile a few years ago and couldn't let it hit the trash. Imagine it faded black with no shade. That's how it sat for almost 2 years in our basement, waiting for Bryce Shivers and Linda Eversman to inspire me to "Put a Bird on it!"

The fabric is  hand-me-down African fabric from my mother in law. I had checked out lots of "how to" tutorials for covering a lamp shade but in the end I just did my own thing. I started by making a pattern out of paper that went half way around the lamp. That let me pick out the exact portion of the fabric that I wanted to use. I used a spray on adhesive to keep the fabric in place and then tacky glue to do the edges. I trimmed the excess fabric and then folded it over the edges. I didn't want to use any sort of trim so I glued bias tape along the inside top and bottom.

For the paint I used Weather Sheild Rust Coat in Gloss Yellow. No need to prime! I started the process on a visit home and my mom had to finish it up for me because we ran out of time. It had to be sprayed from so many angles! I grabbed a big marble out of my toy bin for work to glue on top because it looked like it was missing something (literally, I think the top of the lamp was gone).

Did you notice the bird is sideways? I didn't...but I like him that way. It's kind of an awkward giant lamp so I haven't found a permanent home for it yet. Perhaps I should decorate the spare bedroom around it!

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