Tailor Made Dress

We got engaged 1 week before I left for a 6 month stint teaching in Beijing. There was no time for dress shopping and we planned to have the wedding that summer. I was on a pretty tight budget so I knew China would be the place to get my dream dress. I started at the Wukesong Wedding Dress Market. This would be the cheapest option but check out the type of beauties I found:

Well it is a military wedding. This one could work!

I decided to go the tailor route. I had pictures of some dresses I liked. The one that stood out the most for me was the dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in the movie Funny Face and designer Dolly Couture's take on it.

Audrey and her 20 inch waist, Dolly Couture's Moon River Dress

I took the pictures to a tailor and picked out a beautiful off-white Thai silk. I made a few compromises re: amount of poof and sadly not having a tulle layer on top. Here's how the progress went:

Very first time trying it on. It was hard to see past the raw edges but I already loved it!

The back! 10 more buttons were added after this.

Debating about the neckline with the tailor. Things got a little lost in translation with our combination of broken English and even more broken Chinese.

Almost finished but still too long. My debate with the tailor resulted in me losing the boat neckline. I was a little disappointed about that but in the end I like that it made it uniquely mine.

The final product on the big day:

I was so happy with how it turned out and loved that I had a dress made just for me. I spent about $200 so it didn't break the bank either. I've lost track of the show Glee but someone told me that Rachel recently wore a Funny Face inspired dress on the show (Aren't they in high school???). Maybe a trend has been started! :)


  1. They did a great job, looks so much like the picture

  2. Thanks Nicole! I was so happy with it :)

  3. Lovely story and photos, Holly! :-)
    I asked Jenna for your blog link after she mentioned you had one. I'm going to make your rhubarb muffin recipe tomorrow!