A Not-So-Lazy Sunday

Have you have you seen the Lazy Sunday 2 Digital Short? Not as good as the original but still pretty catchy.

I've been busy with yard work the last couple days. My plans of turning this disaster into a flower bed are going well. The photo is a couple weeks old so imagine it with a few hundred dandelions and everything about a foot taller!

Here's where we're at now. I'm still working away at moving the pile of gravel. It was much bigger than it looked-- we've moved four wheelbarrows full so far. Speaking of wheelbarrow, I'm now the proud owner of this baby.

The whole project got slowed down with the discovery of 6 hidden tree stumps and a giant ant hill. Also my inability to stay on one project at a time didn't help-- but look how lovely my mailbox looks?

I'm so happy with how the yard is coming together. I was so into the house projects today that I skipped out on going to see Charles and Camilla's visit to CFB Gagetown. Royalty a five minute walk from my house! I was so filthy and couldn't be bothered to get cleaned up just to get dirty again.

Not quite fit to meet royalty!

Lucy couldn't get her act together to go either.

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  1. Wow, nice job conquering the random yard obstacles! haha

    Have a great weekend!