Yard Rescue

Our yard is a work in progress. Considering we both abandoned our house for 6 months last winter/spring, I'd say we aren't doing too bad. Actually, this is the first year (in the 2 years since we bought the house) that I've lived here before July. Last year it was pretty overwhelming starting when everything was over grown so I'm trying to get at it early this time. I've already raked 17 bags of leaves (in addition to the 20 in the Fall...look how little the yard is!) and made several piles of brush. Our March heat wave made for great weather to work outside. So far this year I've gardened in shorts and tank top, t-shirt and jeans, and winter jacket and toque...in that order!

Here's a sort of before picture of the yard. This is when we bought the house in Spring 2010. I think a true before picture would show after we neglected it for a couple years. After some hard work last summer, it's already looking  100% better. I'll post some progress pictures soon!

Next on my to do list:

This beautiful bed was home to a super cool 70s wishing well. Last summer we hauled it over to the curb in hopes it would find  new home. After a couple days of no luck, Alan was sure he was going to get to do the sacrificial smashing. Luckily, it was spared by a passer by. I hope it has a happy new life!

The white gravel pile has got to go and then this will be turned into a flower bed. The lilies are the only thing allowed to stay. Other than that I will have to raid my mom's garden this weekend for some more plants!

We have lots of weekends on the road this month so I'll have to pick away at a few yard projects in the evenings.


  1. I can't wait to see how the rest of your yard projects turn out!!

  2. We are finally having a weekend at home this week so I've got big plans!