Mint is the New Black

I'm back from vacation in Ireland and back to blogging! I will share some stories soon. For now, it's back to the house adventures...

Mint is my new favourite colour. I'm currently sporting Essie Mint Candy Apple polish on my toes and I've been eyeing up these out-of-my-budget Paige jeans for quite a while. Even the dishes we eat off of everyday (Sophie Conran for Portmeirion in Sage) aren't that far from being mint.

Lucky for me we live in this beautiful 70s mint coloured house! We've been renovating the house  to sell next year with the hope of at least getting what we put into it. As important as curb appeal is, we probably wouldn't get the money back out of replacing the siding. I've spent the past couple years complaining about this fact but today I've decided to get over it and embrace the mint!

What we can do something about is those faded black shutters. No more mint chocolate chip ice cream. I've been pondering the best choice to update the house a bit. The inside has had an amazing transformation and it would be nice to do the same for the outside. I know you're supposed to match your shutters to the roof but I really am not a fan of the black. My original plan was a dark sage green (I'm not up on my green names but hopefully you can picture it). In the spirit of embracing things, I'm starting to lean towards the pastel look of white shutters. White is fresh and clean and there are no worries of going through all that work to have it not match.

I took a few shutters down off the back and primed them. This step needs to be done anyway and the white primer will give me an idea of how it would look. When they're dry I'm going to lean them up against the house for a couple days and ponder it some more. Any ideas???

To end things off, check out my beautiful poppy that appeared this morning! At 8am it was still totally closed and  at 10am it looked like this!

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