First Baby Project- Map Bunting

This idea was definitely not my own. I came across something similar on Pinterest and played with a couple different methods to make it just how I wanted. I'll source it to everything that comes up when you do a search for Map Bunting.

  • an old atlas or map
  • ribbon (about 1 inch wide)
  • thread to match ribbon
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • tacky glue
  • ruler

I bought an old Atlas at a used book store to use for the triangles. It was surprisingly hard to find one that had the faded look I was going for. I wanted to keep blue as the main colour so I stuck to the pages that had more water than land. I made a template of my triangle and started cutting!

The next step was to press the ribbon in half with an iron. Then, I started gluing the triangles in place between the folded ribbon, measuring 5cm between each one. I use a super thin line of glue, just enough to keep them from moving around.

I decided I would glue 5 triangles, sew them, and repeat. I recently inherited a sew machine from my mother-in-law. Having not done any sewing since high school, the project was brought to a halt as I spent 30 minutes trying to thread the bobbin. Once I was back on track, the sewing was a breeze. Straight stitching through the middle of the ribbon.

Lucy and Dora were as helpful as always. After I finished, I left the banner unattended for about 5 minutes and came back to one triangle with a rip in it. This was incentive to get it on the wall ASAP.

Ta Da! First baby project finished! Definitely not the most practical of projects but it was a quick one.

Next Project: cloth wipes!

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