I'm Dreaming of a White Wednesday!

Last night when I posted, I was definitely still caught up in a case of the Mondays. Well, there's nothing to make you slow down and appreciate a hectic week like the possibility of a snow day. I've been spoiled because my whole life I've either been a student or a teacher who gets to look forward to these little breaks every winter. Right now I'm doing Autism support in clients' homes but we typically follow the school cancellations. I love the drama of it all-- running to the window to check for snow, laying in bed listening to the radio until the last possible minute. I often jinx myself by staying up too late or not having my lunch ready to go but that's all part of the snow day emotional roller coaster. I'm worse than a kid, I know.

They are calling for 40 cm starting around midnight lasting into the morning tomorrow. I live right in the area where there's a possibility of it turning to rain so only time will tell. We actually just had a snow day last Monday but it was a definite. They were calling for the perfect cocktail of snow, ice pellets and freezing rain. I'm looking forward to some nice fluffy snow instead of the sheet of ice we have right now.

While I was looking at the forecast on Environment Canada, I came across this great chart they've created to tell the chance of a white Christmas in each major Canadian city. The past few years have been so mild that it feels like white Christmases are a thing of the past. Halifax only has a 45% chance-- although I'm doubting it's accuracy this year!

So please humour this 28 year old who is an 8 year old at heart and do a snow dance and wear your pajamas inside out tonight!

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  1. Great post dear! Hope that it will snow! :))