Powering through till Friday

Christmas vacation is so close I can taste it. I'm usually not one for wishing away the week, but right now Friday seems forever away. I'm looking forward to food, family, and a break from busy days at work.

I'm already pondering how to pack up the car for the trip home to Nova Scotia. We have a 3 hour drive which is nothing new for us. When the weather is better we seem to be on the road home practically every 2nd weekend. 9 days at home means the extra challenge of traveling with 2 cats. Dora is wonderful but Lucy howls for the entire drive. Once they survive the trip, they're right at home.

This is Dora last year, making herself at home under my mom's tree.

I work until 4:30 on Friday so my plan is to pack up the car at lunch time so we can be on the road by 5 o'clock. Can it be done?

It's off to bed for me. I've been playing around all evening making things a little more attractive around here. The blog is still a work in progress but I like how it's coming together. At the top of my wish list is a prettier banner.

Enjoy your week! (And if you're on vacation countdown too-- I hope it flies by!)


  1. Tried to leave a comment yesterday, having trouble with blogger. Enjoy your vacation, howling cat and all. A new follower from the Meet and Greet Blog Hop.

    Anne Marie

    1. Hi Anne Marie! Thanks for the follow! I'm following you now too :)

  2. I am soooo glad that I found your blog! I am your newest follower and was kinda maybe sorta hopin' that you'd hop on by and follow me back!


    1. So funny...I was just looking at your blog when this comment email popped up. Following you now too!