So long 2012...

I'm back after an unplanned week off from blogging! I enjoyed my holiday in Nova Scotia so much that I hardly touched my computer. It was actually pretty refreshing to just ignore the internet and focus on real life!

I have to work this morning so we had planned to drive back Sunday night. A blizzard warning changed our plans and we reluctantly cut vacation short and came on Saturday night instead. Our neighbour had been kind enough to snow blow our driveway after Thursday's storm. The street plow still left us a mountain to shovel out before we could even get in the driveway. We woke up yesterday morning to a crazy snow storm that left us with another 40cm.
Here's our patio table to show the build up of snow:

Once it's shoveled, I love snow. I'm so excited to get out snowshoeing on New Year's Day!

Hopefully your turkey leftovers are long gone! After 2 turkey dinners, a few plates of leftovers, and some turkey soup I had my fill for the year. The fridge was still full and we were running out of ideas to use up the food. My aunt gave me a recipe using leftovers that wouldn't taste like another round of Christmas dinner. Keep this one in mind when Thanksgiving rolls around again.

Turkey Sweet Potato Quesadillas
(adapted from Simply for Life recipe book)

You'll need:
2 cups of shredded turkey
1/4 cup of salsa
1/2 cup mashed sweet potatoes (or squash)
1/2 cup of grated cheese of your choice
1/2 onion sliced
4 large tortillas
olive oil

Combine turkey and salsa. To build your quesadilla, spread sweet potato on bottom tortilla. Top with turkey mixture, onion and cheese. Cover with top tortilla and brush both sides with olive oil. Cook in pan at medium heat for 3 minutes per side.

Recipe makes 2 quesadillas. We wanted to make more than 2 so we opted to bake them in the oven at 400F on parchment paper, flipping 1/2 way through.

They were amazing and put a good dent in the turkey we had left. I did up a couple bags of turkey to freeze and have ready to make these again soon.

I hope everyone is enjoying their last day of 2012. I'm participating in these blog hops today:


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